Diggin in the Dirt: Engaging Body and Soul in Nature

Diggin in the Dirt!

Engaging Body and Soul in Nature

This fall has turned out to be a beauty! The temperature and the color have been fantastic! And, at my house, Mother Nature has allowed time for a few more outdoor projects.

The fall is a great time to thin out and transplant the perennials, and maybe even make room for some new plants. This is a great way to get you out of the gym and work with nature! Shoveling, hoeing, hauling, pulling – all functional movement - are all great alternatives to using machines, and what a great workout! I recently dug up and transplanted a very well established bush that took me 2 good hours of digging and pulling before I was successful. Thankfully, I hadn’t already gone for a long run that morning! It’s such a different workout from my usual high intensity classes, but just as gratifying. My heart rate was up, I was sweating and I was even a little sore the next day. But the best part was being in my garden and knowing I’ll be able to spend time enjoying the transformation next year.

“Fitness” doesn’t always mean a workout inside on a machine. And “Wellness” includes more than just a ride on a bike or a good sweat. Being outside and enjoying nature gives you a spiritual and emotional component of life that we don’t always strive to achieve. Look for something different to make you feel good about yourself! If you don’t have your own gardens, you can volunteer in your community. Churches, senior centers and schools are always doing “spruce up” projects and would love the help. Trail work is also another way to get out and enjoy the weather and what your community has to offer.

There’s something so satisfying about being out in nature and keeping yourself healthy. It’s a nice change from our “traditional” indoor workout. Outside, we engage our body and spirit in tandem. Look around your yard or town and see what you can do. The sky’s the limit!

- Wendy Hildebrand
Corporate Wellness Manager, The Edge