Dynamic Movements for the Hips

Dynamic Movements for the Hips

Due to our ever evolving sedentary lifestyle, hip mobility is a BIG PAIN for most of us! I want you to think about you daily routine... do you sit most of the day? At work? In the car? In the evening?

When we sit in flexion for a long period of time, the muscles around the hip get tight and shorten = poor hip mobility and pain and tightness other places of the body (please see below... it all connects...!)

Then, we move and/or exercise without properly warming up = worsening our functional movement patterns, increasing pain and tightness, increasing injury.

These are the TOP 4 COMPLAINTS I get as a coach in regards to PAIN and TIGHTNESS:

  • hips/hip flexor pain/tightness
  • patellaformal (knee) pain
  • neck pain/tightness
  • shoulder pain
  • low back pain 

Don't get discouraged by by tight hips and/or hip pain! MOBILIZE THEM!
Implement these this awesome dynamic movement to your pre-exercise warmup, straight from Tony Gentilcore, NSCA-CSCS and co-founder of Cressey Performance! 

Prone Hip Flexed Hip Rocking

1. Start in an all-fours position (quadruped position) and flex a hip out to 90 degrees, placing your hands comfortably in front of you. 

2. Gently rock from side to side, focusing on the hip and less on the lumbar spine to guide you through your movement!


1. Come on one knee and and place your front leg at a 90 degree angle. Place one hand on the wall, use the other hand to take hold of the foot of the leg that is on the ground, and draw your heel to your glutes. 

2. Gently rock into the wall, feeling a niceeeee stretch! Pulse 8-10x. 

Erin M. Kershaw, M.S., ACSM-HFS
Wellness Director, The Edge at the Ascutney Mountain Resort