Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift and Overhead Reach

Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift and Overhead Reach


This is one of Erin's favorite mobility drills! Not only does she utilize this personally before she moves, but she uses this in her group fitness classes AND with most of her clients! Cressey Performance takes the credit again for incorporating mobility and flexibility into a 2-3 multi-joint dynamic movement that reminds us of a yoga flow sequence!

The Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift and Overhead Reach will give you:
- elbow extension
- thoracic spine extension and rotation
- glenohumeral horizontal abduction
- hip abduction and extension
(Eric Cressey, 2011)

Here's a step by step breakdown, but check out our video at the end to see how it all comes together!

1. Hike one knee up to 90 degrees, balancing on opposite leg. 

2. Bring the leg down and come into a runners pose, bending the front knee and bringing the fingertips to the floor. 

3. Extend the front leg 

4. Bend the front leg again

5. Reach your outside arm up to the sky. Eyes can look at your hand or neck can remain in a neutral position. 

5. Lower your hand and step your feet together, gently coming to a standing position. Repeat on the opposite side. Try this 3-5x per side!

Heres a video to put it all together, just click the link! And yes, sometimes we work out in flannel at the Edge at the Ascutney Mountain Resort!


Erin M. Kershaw, M.S., ACSM-HFS
Wellness Director, The Edge Fitness Center at the Ascutney Mountain Resort