Digestible Carbohydrates


Digestible Carbohydrates

Low Carb Diet...Good Carbs...Bad Carbs...With all these recommendations coming at us, what’s a health conscious person supposed to think?

The primary role of carbohydrates in our body is to give us fuel...which means ENERGY for our body to think, move and FEEL GOOD.  A low carb diet is a LOW ENERGY diet and nobody wants that!  Not all Carbs are created equal.

What carbohydrates do we want in our body?  We want carbs that have a good amount of fiber in them.  Examples of GOOD Carbs for your diet are FRUITS, VEGETABLES and WHOLE GRAINS (grains that have not been refined).  Look at your FOOD LABELS...

Ingredients:100% whole wheat/barley/rice/quinoa, at least 3 grams of fiber per serving, ingredients that you can pronounce.

When watching your carbohydrate grams try to limit (no more than) them to 50 grams of DIGESTIBLE CARBOHYDRATES/meal (3 meals per day so 150 g/day).  What is a Digestible CHO gram??  Take your total grams of CHO and subtract the fiber grams to get your digestible CHO grams.  For instance, if an apple has 12 grams of CHO and 4 grams of dietary fiber, an apple has 8 grams of digestible carbohydrates and is released slowly into our blood stream.  Remember, Carbohydrates are great foods when they are whole foods with natural fiber in them.  Happy Pickin’!

Kim Jacobs, Wellness Director, B.S. Clinical Dietetics