"YES WE CAN" Kickstart Your 2015!

Hi There!

We hope you had a lovely winter holiday and you are in an upswing with the fresh start of a new year! Without further adieu, here is a message from our fitness team, on WHY WE KNOW WE CAN KICKSTART YOUR 2015!

At the risk of sounding boastful, Fitness Director Erin Kershaw will tell you that she has THE BEST group fitness team in the WORLD. Want to know why? Each team member is unique, incredibly dedicated, educated, and PASSIONATE about giving you an exceptional and individualized exercise experience, every time you enter our door!  It saddens us deeply to see that most of the fitness centers in our area are now asking you to pay an additional fee to take group fitness classes. Here at the Edge, we have over 15 classes that are relatively small in size and are ALWAYS catered to each participant. The best part? These classes are INCLUDED in your membership package! 

Seriously, just check out our new group fitness schedule! HOLY SMOKES!

Not quite interested in exercising in a team-based environment but need a jump start? Our personal training packages are endless and affordable!

We currently offer:
- 1 hour and 30minute-express options
- private, partner, and SMALL GROUP (4-8 participants)

But just to help you kickstart 2015, we are offering an UNBEATABLE special, 3 sessions for just $99! 

Oh, and did we mention.. if you are a first time member, you receive a complimentary personal training session!?

Here is a little bit about your personal trainer, Erin Kershaw (although she detests talking about herself..)! 

Erin is an exercise physiologist and outdoor NUT that loves all things Vermont! She received her M.S. in Exercise Physiology in 2012, where she specialized in Strength and Conditioning, as well as special populations. Although she has a strong passion for training athletes (which is why you sometimes hear screams coming from the weight room), she has the same burning desire for helping ALL populations to achieve health and happiness through movement and life-coaching! 

The coolest part about Erin's job? She has had incredible opportunities to work with all types of people, ages, injuries, goals, interests, and even illnesses, throughout the years! This makes her DYNAMIC, FLUID, and FLEXIBLE. Which is exactly what your exercise regime should look like! 

As an American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist, it prides Erin to say that she has dedicated her life towards helping individuals in her community to move functionally and FEEL BETTER! Which results in better performance; whether that be on the field, on the ski slopes, or perhaps playing with your grand children, pain free! 

Please utilize our TEAM as tool to put in your wellness/happiness toolbox for 2015! We are always here to help you live your life abundantly, as you should!

PS. Teaser Alert!! Please keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post, "SHORT SHORTS & NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, coming out later this week!

Yours in Health, 

Erin Kershaw and the Edge at Ascutney Fitness Team