How to Safely Get Up After Falling

It is winter in New England right now, which means freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and unfortunately, INCREASE IN FALLS among ALL populations.

We live in a rural area, and if you are like me (God help you) and stubbornly independent, you do a lot of activities by yourself. Knowing how to safely get up off the ground after falling is a really important tool to carry with you, for yourself and in order to help/educate others.   


1.    Catch your breath and make sure you feel well-oriented after your fall before moving

2.    Carefully roll over and bring yourself up onto your elbows

3.    Move onto your hands and knees so that you are in an “all-fours” position

4.    Crawl to a firm surface, such as a chair, steps, rock, pole, etc.

5.    Place both hands on the surface if you are able, and bring one leg up.

6.    Peel the toe of the other leg under and push yourself up into a standing position

7.    Turn gently to sit on firm surface, or stand holding onto the firm surface, preferably with both hands

Please check out this video. A little blurry after editing, sorry!

I encourage you to print out this handy chart and perhaps place it on the refrigerator, as a reminder to yourself and to your loved ones. To print, just right click on the picture and safe to your computer. :)

Erin Kershaw, M.S., ACSM-HFS
Fitness Director, The Edge at the Ascutney Mountain Resort