Little Steps to Wellness

I’m so proud of my client that I had to share her story! Let’s call her Jane.

Jane is 53 and a former athlete; skier, biker, hiker, aqua aerobics teacher and more! So she’s not foreign to working out and working hard. But, life (especially work) got in the way. Then, injuries side-lined her even more. Her weight was up, her BMI was up and she just didn’t feel strong anymore. She finally decided, “Enough!”

But, the one thing that really changed Jane’s focus to move forward was hearing the company sponsored Health Coach tell her; “Just 5 minutes a day will help you move forward.” So, she started carving out 5-10 minutes at home to walk or do a few core exercises. 5-10 minutes then turned into 15-20 minutes. And then she approached me to do a personal training package. We met for 10 half hour sessions (2 per week), plus she added other workout times to her week. Now, she is exercising at least 4-5 times per week. She’s also gotten her husband to join her and get him active again.

We finished Jane’s 10 session package and I still see her in classes and working out on her own. She came to me 1 month after we finished the package to follow up on her measurements. She has lost 10 pounds, dropped almost 2% body fat, lost 2 ¼ inches from her waist, 3 inches from her hips and 2 inches from her chest. This is a goal step for her! She’s so happy and feels great. She knows that the next 10 pounds will be harder, but she has the routine in place to help her.

Jane’s routine started with carving out just 5 minutes for exercise! Just those little steps helped her get started. Then, she started feeling great, seeing results, and realized that she could squeeze out a little more time. And now she knows that this time makes her feel better and more productive at work and home.

Can’t you find 5 minutes in your day? I think you CAN!

 - Wendy Hildebrand
Corporate Wellness Director