All Structures Are Unstable: Breathing in Brownsville


I've been in a very exciting personal space lately, reading... thinking... listening... noticing... breathing... processing... Holy smokes! There is a lot going on! Isn't there always? ;-)

In lieu of writing my own words today, I want to share a few of Eckhart Tolle's thoughts, thoughts that have touched my soul. I stumbled upon these words yesterday, and shortly thereafter, I found myself on a walk in the woods on the STAB trails (shameless plug) in Brownsville, VT. As I processed, I felt inspired to share my walk with you. If you have 3 minutes to spare, I hope you can join me in "Breathing in Brownsville."

Sit. Stay. Heal.

In October, this website will be deleted when The Edge Fitness Center transitions into "The Climb," and when Bristol Fitness (The Edge) and The Climb are ready to launch their own, independent websites. This may be an opportunity for me to start my own blog, not connected to work (perhaps shared), which sounds exciting to me. If you are not a member or follower of our soon-to-be wellness center, "The Climb," but follow my blog, please email me at: so that I can send you directions on where to find me! 

For more Eckhart Tolle, I would invite you to start with two of his books, "A New Earth, and "The Power of Now."

Thank you for your support! Erin

"Breathing in Brownsville"